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Controlled expansion (CE) alloy wafers up to 12” diameter supplied as lapped, polished or polished and metallized wafers, expansion matched to compound semiconductor materials. Our alloy wafers are used for:

  • Medium and high brightness LED
  • Photovoltaic cells

Alloys chosen are typically Osprey® CE6F and CE7F, and these are used to replace sapphire – GaAs. Some of the advantages of using Osprey® CE6F include:

  • CTE matching of compound semiconductor materials
  • Superior thermal and electrical properties
  • Enhanced reliability
  • Low cost
Typical specification for 100 mm wafer
Material Osprey CE6F
Diameter 100 mm +/-0.05 mm
Flat 32 mm +/-0.02 mm
Chamfer 220 μ +/-50 μ
Thickness 750 μ +/- 20 μ
TTV <5 μ
Surface Polished both sides Ra < 20 nm
Bow weight < 20 μ
Comparative property data for low expansion substrates
Property Ge Si GaAs Sapphire Osprey® CE6
CTE 25–300ºC 5.8 3 6.8 5.8 6.2
Density g/cc 5.32 2.3 5.3 4.0 2.45
Young's Modulus, GPa 130 112 85 350 130
Thermal conductivity, W/mK 64 150 40 35 110
Electrical resistivity, μΩ.cm 50 105 107 1014 115
Plateability Good Poor Poor Poor Good
Machinability (CNC/EDM) Poor Poor Poor Poor Good

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