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Solving everyday precision challenges

Developing and producing equipment such as wire bonders for the assembly of semiconductors requires advanced knowledge and precision.

Our lightweight, stiff and CTE*-matched components help to solve the everyday precision challenges that you face, thereby improving your competitiveness. Made from a material half the weight of titanium and supplied as precision-machined components customized for your semiconductor assembly project, these products enable higher speed, higher precision pick and place operations during semiconductor assembly.

In addition, the thermal management challenges that are faced during the manufacture of your products are aided by the low thermal expansion and high thermal conductivity of Osprey® controlled expansion alloys over a wide range of temperatures.

Stability under changing temperature variations

The products are mechanically and dimensionally very stable under changing temperature conditions. This ensures that the precision of your assembly equipment is maintained throughout production. What is today a precision challenge doesn’t need to be in the future.

We manufacture a range of components from a wide portfolio of controlled expansion alloys for high speed and high accuracy semiconductor processing and assembly equipment.

*CTE = Coefficient of Thermal Expansion