Business concept

We provide custom-made components from controlled expansion alloys (CE alloys) for a wide range of applications, where the benefits and impact of this light-weight material – with customizable thermal expansion – are potentially enormous.

Our offering rests soundly on more than 160 years of driving the evolution of advanced materials, vast machining experience, as well as a proprietary built-to-print process that is unique on the market.

Covering each step from material selection and component design to machining and finishing operations like plating and coating, our process enables us to fully control the entire value chain. We work closely with customers in every step of the process – from idea to finished component – resulting in unsurpassed component accuracy and efficient service alike.

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Proven performance

The components tailored from our CE alloys are typically used to provide support, protection, and thermal management to various types of devices and systems.

We have a track record of proven performance across various demanding industries such as electronics, space, defense and automotive.

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