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Sensor mounts

Lightweight sensor mounts made from Osprey® controlled expansion alloy CE7F offer matched coefficient of thermal expansion to GaAS chip and alumina substrate.

Resistor tubs

By replacing existing plastic with Osprey® CE7F controlled expansion alloy, the service life of packaged resistor tubs can increase tenfold.

Housings for radar circuitry

Osprey® CE alloy housings for radar circuitry lightweight and easy to plate. They also have excellent thermal conductivity.

Bearing housings

Bearing housing rings in Osprey® controlled expansion alloy - thermal expansion matched and lightweight.

Welding and lidding

All the controlled expansion alloys (CE alloys) can be fusion-welded using MIG, TIG or laser techniques. View recommendations for the various techniques.

Compare with other materials

Osprey® CE alloys offer many advantages compared to most competitive materials. View comparison with materials like Al, AlSiC, Be-BeO, Cu, CuW, CuMo, FeNiCo and Ti.

Compound products

By choosing the correct combination of time, temperature and pressure, the controlled expansion alloys (CE alloys) can be joined to each other, other Al alloys, other metals and ceramics by diffusion bonding.

Hybrid electronics packages

Osprey® controlled expansion alloy CE13F is perfect for hybrid electronics packages for flight application – lighter than other materials and with high thermal conductivity.

Lens holders

Lens holders in Osprey® controlled expansion alloy with high stiffness, dimensional stability and thermal expansion matched.


Wafers made from Osprey® controlled expansion alloys are manufactured at a low cost and show enhanced reliability as well as superior electrical and thermal properties.

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