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Our process

Through a unique built-to-print process, we proved custom-designed parts made from CE alloys. Our process covers the entire value chain – from material selection and design to finished components.

Resolving the origins of the universe

Osprey® controlled expansion alloys play an important role in a telescope project by providing components that support the vital but fragile detectors at the heart of the advanced telescopes.

"Tuning in" to support a wafer chuck

Using controlled expansion alloys wafers help to maintain the flatness and facilitate the rapid transfer of heat both to and from the wafer,

Increasing precision of semiconductor assembly equipment

Lightweight, stiff and CTE-matched components made from controlled expansion alloys help to solve precision challenges in, for example, wire bonders for the assembly of semiconductors.

More reliable and long-lasting medium and high brightness leds

Osprey® CE6Fcontrolled expansion alloy has enhanced thermal and electrical properties to replace sapphire and enables the production of higher power/brightness LEDs with superior reliability, improved longevity and lower costs.

The right alloy to enter deep space

A NASA telescope, with components from Sandvik, will provide a better understanding of what is really taking place in outer space.

Proven performance

We have a longstanding tradition of delivering advanced and tailormade materials to some of the most demanding industries.

Team of experts

With extensive materials expertise and in-depth machining knowledge, we are uniquely equipped to provide support along the entire component manufacturing value chain.

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