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Are CE alloys hermetic (leak-tight)?

CE alloy parts are normally hermetic down to thicknesses of 1 mm.

Do CE alloys present any health hazards in the manufacture and in use?

No, CE alloys are environmentally friendly materials, being composed of the two most common elements present in the ground – aluminium and silicon. This distinguishes them from other materials that are used in similar high-tech applications, such as beryllium (Be), beryllia (BeO) and nickel (Ni).

What is the cost of CE alloy products?

The cost of CE alloy products is dependent on the size and shape of items. In general, it is similar to Kovar* and cheaper than copper-tungsten (Cu-W) and copper-molybdenum (Cu-Mo). *Kovar is a trademark of CRS Holding.

How do CE alloys differ from Al-SiC?

CE alloys are true metal alloys of silicon and aluminium, whereas Al-SiC (Aluminium-Silicon Carbide) is a metal matrix composite of hard silicon carbide particles in a matrix of aluminium. Al-SiC is very difficult to machine and plate, in contrast to CE alloys which are much more amenable to these

What advantages do CE alloys offer?

CE alloys possess a unique combination of physical properties – low density (less than aluminium), high thermal conductivity and high specific stiffness, together with selectable expansion coefficients in the range 5 to 17 ppm/°C. At the same time, they lend themselves to standard methods of

What does Sandvik supply in the area of CE alloy products?

Our main business in this area is the supply of machined (and electroplated) components. We will also supply packages that include feedthrough but this is carried out in conjunction with qualified partner companies.

What are Osprey® CE alloys?

These are a family of controlled expansion lightweight alloys composed of silicon-aluminium that have been specially developed to expansion match a range of low expansion metals and ceramics to satisfy a range of high-tech applications.

FAQ about CE alloys

The most frequently asked questions about controlled expansion alloys (CE alloys).

Semiconductor chucks

Semiconductor chucks, discs and platens in Osprey® controlled expansion alloy offering low thermal expansion and high thermal stability, along with high stiffness.


CE alloy applications CE alloy applications CE alloys, controlled expansion alloys, controlled expansion alloy, thermal management products, semiconductor processing equipment Components made from Osprey® CE alloys improve performance in a wide range of structural and thermal management products

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