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You are visiting the website for Sandvik CE (controlled expansion) alloys. Below are links to our corporate website and websites for Sandvik and Sandvik Coromant branded products and services.

Space Tech Expo, Europe

Sandvik will participate in the fifth edition of Space Tech Expo Europe in Bremen, Germany, this november.

SPIE Sensors and Imaging

Sandvik will participate in this year's SPIE Sensors + Imaging in Berlin, Germany, in September 2022.

For what applications are the CE alloys currently being used?

Well-developed applications of CE alloys include: Hermetic packages Microwave and RF housing, carries and heat sinks Optical and opto-elecronic housings Carrier plates for laminate PCBs Guide bars for PCBs Carriers for gas sensors Heat sinks and heat spreaders Semiconductor processing equipment

What are typical delivery lead times for CE alloy products?

Prototype components machined and plated to customer geometries and specifications typically take 3–5 weeks to deliver. However, if the parts need feedthroughs inserted, longer timescales should be allowed for. Contact us with your requirements.

How easy is it to produce threaded holes in CE alloys?

It is possible to produce threaded holes down to 1.8 mm diameter (UNC 256), by thread milling or tapping. Contact us for further details. Read more about machining

Is it possible to insert feedthroughs into CE alloys, and if so, what types?

A variety of different types of feedthroughs can be inserted into CE alloy parts as per aluminium packages. Read more about soldering, brazing and feedthroughs

Can housings and packages of CE alloys be laser-welded?

Housings and packages in Osprey® CE17, CE13 and CE11 alloys can be readily laser-welded with CE alloy lids. For information on welding Osprey® CE7 and CE9, contact us for details. Read more about welding and lidding

How easy is it to plate CE alloys with various metals?

All CE alloys can be plated with a wide range of metals, including nickel, copper, silver and gold using industry-standard processes developed for aluminium, and taking due care to follow procedures specified by Sandvik. Several plating companies are qualified to plate CE alloys. Read more about

What tolerances and surface finishes can be achieved?

The absolute tolerances which we can supply to will be dependent on the size of the part and the machining method used. For CNC machining, tolerances better than ± 0.05 mm are possible. With EDM, these are typically ± 0.02 mm. Flatness to within 1 in 1000 is usual. Surface finishes after milling

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