Components made from Osprey® CE (controlled expansion) alloys improve product performance and reliability in many areas. Typical applications are stiff structural products, thermal management products and wafers.

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Structural products

Stiff structural products in, for example, optical systems, electronics assembly and semiconductor processing equipment. Examples are:


Wafers up to 12” diameter supplied as lapped, polished or polished and metallized wafers, expansion matched to compound semiconductor materials.

Our alloy wafers are used for:

  • Medium and high brightness LED
  • Photovoltaic cells

Alloys chosen are typically Osprey® CE6F and CE7F, and these are used to replace sapphire – GaAs.

Advantages of Osprey® CE6F controlled expansion alloy

  • CTE matching of compound semiconductor materials
  • Superior thermal and electrical properties
  • Enhanced reliability
  • Low cost

Technical specification for wafers and comparative property data

Thermal management products

Thermal management and electronic packaging components in application areas, such as, aerospace, space and telecommunications. Examples are:

Hermetic housings and packages (microwave - RF)

Non-hermetic housings, carriers and heat zinks

Carrier plates

Embedded computer products

Compare with other materials

Osprey® CE alloys are lighter and also offer other advantages compared to many competitive materials.

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Working with CE alloys

Find information on, for example, machining, welding and plating.

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FAQ about CE alloys

Want to know more? View the most frequently asked questions about controlled expansion alloys (CE alloys).

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Proven performance

Our alloys improve component performance all the way from earth to outer space.

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